Provender Recognizes Lisa Spicka with Sustainability Award

Lisa Spicka, left, with Provender 2017’s award winners in Hood River, Oregon.

At the 41st annual Provender conference, Maracuja Solutions CEO Lisa Spicka was awarded the “Singing Sustainability Siren Award.” The unique award was one of five awards given out to Provender members at the conference for their contributions to the natural products industry. Provender has a long history of blending professional excellence with individuals’ personality to create its own quirky culture. Spicka’s award recognized her for years of sustainability advice and services to prominent organic and natural product industry companies and events such as Organicology, Oregon Tilth, Once Again, and others. Renee Kempka, Finance Director of Oregon Tilth, emphasized her ability to connect and influence her clients’ business programs, strategy, supply chain integrity, and education content for industry events. She also mentioned Lisa delivers a mean karaoke performance.

“It is an honor to be recognized for my longstanding commitment promoting environmental and social sustainability in the natural products industry. Even more special is having connected strongly with enough individuals in this industry over time to incorporate some of my personality and interests into the wording of this award.”

Maracuja Solutions thanks Provender, its Board, and especially Renee Kempka, for making this award happen. It is deeply appreciated and renews our commitment to maximize the social and environmental impacts inherently accessible to the industry.

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