Engagement and Education

Conference Planning and Management

Have a message that needs to be communicated to dozens, maybe hundreds or even thousands of people? Trying to figure out what the right arrangement of speakers and topics are? Maracuja Solutions has worked with multiple clients to put together dozens of events and conferences to address just these questions.

Workshops, Webinars

Some of the most effective ways to maximize your impacts and let the world know what you are doing are to develop workshop and webinars to educate your consumers, your supply chain, and your business network. Maracuja Solutions has decades of experience developing interactive training sessions for groups that range from a handful of key stakeholders to hundreds of people.

Meeting Facilitation

Coming up with answers can be hard. It’s even more difficult when you bring a room together of passionate individuals looking to make a difference. Given its experience both working in and leading agricultural and food manufacturing organizations, Maracuja Solutions understands when to talk, when to listen, when to let discussion flow, and when to highlight the patterns and conclusions that are arising from stakeholders.

Training Strategies and Plans

Sometimes the need for learning goes beyond a simple workshop to extended or multi-day training events. We work with our clients to go beyond logistics (place, dates, AV, food, etc.), and determine what the critical topics are and how to engage attendees in the discussion to create sustained value.

Maximize your Social and Environmental Impacts.