Fair Trade Certification

Do you know if the workers in your upstream supply chain are being treated and paid fairly, or are otherwise subject to unfair working conditions? Do you want to prove to your consumer that your company priorities employee safety and fair pay? Fair trade (FT) certification has stood the test of time to help ensure your company is supporting the development of a fair supply chain, without having to develop your own internal program. However, unlike the standardize National Organic Program standards, a myriad of FT standards and certifications exist; while they all share many similarities, they also represent a handful of key differences that might make-or break- your FT efforts and reputation.

Specific services include:

  • Analysis and recommendation of the right FT program
  • Training on key FT regulations for your company
  • Guidance through the FT certification process, including
    • Submitting certification materials
    • Mock audits to prepare for fair trade certification
  • Meetings with global suppliers to align on and prepare for FT certification

Maximize your Social and Environmental Impacts.